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Theological Studies BA (Hons)

Theological Studies BA (Hons)

BA (Hons); 2013-2017; Highland Theological College, University of the Highlands and Islands

Year One:

  • New Testament Theology: Jesus and the gospels
  • Systematic Theology: Introduction to systematic theology
  • Pastoral & Practical Theology: Introduction to practical & pastoral theology
  • Old Testament Theology: The Pentateuch
  • Church History: Protestant Reformation
  • Pastoral & Practical Theology: Evangelism

Year Two:

  • Church History: Early church history
  • Pastoral & Practical Theology: Cross-Cultural Missions
  • New Testament Theology: Pauline theology
  • Systematic Theology: Person & Work of Christ
  • Pastoral & Practical Theology: Introduction to counselling theory
  • Multi-Disciplinary: Sacramental theology

Year Three:

  • New Testament Theology: Hebrews
  • Pastoral & Practical Theology: Homiletics
  • Systematic Theology: Doctrine of God
  • Pastoral & Practical Theology: Counselling in a pastoral setting
  • Research Project: A Critical Analysis of John Wesley’s Christian Perfectionism

Year Four:

  • New Testament Theology: Luke/Acts
  • Systematic Theology: Holy Spirit and the word
  • Church History: Medieval church history
  • Research Project: Small & House Church: History, Praxis and Future
  • Dissertation: Does the book of Acts present a model of Christian Community

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